The Story of PRO BLACK

In 2013 Mr. Hare launched a professional quality, black bees wax shoe polish, which we aptly named PRO BLACK. We also made a neutral polish called PLAN BEE but sales figures don’t lie, it turns out most people chose PRO BLACK with more than a few customers taking the time to compliment its superior leather protective qualities and impressive ability to create dazzling shoe shine.

Fast forward to January 2014, and we decided to print up 50 PRO Black T-shirts for the staff and collaborators at our LC:M presentation for the AW14 ‘Tutto Nero’ collection (Watch this space). Despite only having a staff of about 18 on the day, all 50 t-shirts were demanded by prominent visitors to our little show, eager to rock a T-shirt bearing the name of our humble shoe polish.

In the intervening weeks since that show, PRO BLACK T-shirts have made appearances on various social media, to our surprise, and this has caused a significant amount of email traffic into our offices, enquiring as to the availability of said PRO BLACK T-shirts. Knowing that the gentle lapping tide will eventually wash away a continent, who am I, Mr. Hare, a simple shoemaker, to stand in the way of voracious demand.

After all, we make black shoes. Black is our favourite colour. We like black so much, we make a polish that ensures black will never fade. Black is beautiful. So hell yeah, Mr. Hare is PRO BLACK !!

Mr. Hare PRO BLACK shoe shine T-shirts, Sweats and Black Hoodies are now available from exclusively, alongside our wonderful PRO BLACK bees wax shoe polish.