S/S13 Collection - Radio Scarpe


Radio Scarpe !!

Radio Scarpe, as it was explained to me by Siliano, is the gossip network that operates between shoe factories throughout the Italian mainland. “Gucci knew Salvatore and Gianni were scheming because Bruno told Walter what Roberto heard and if Roberto heard it must have been common knowledge, but yeah he definitely said Brass Horse bit.” Nowadays we use the Inter-Twitter-Gram to broadcast our news, but I liked the idea of a radio station dedicated to shoe news to make my announcements so for SS13, RADIO SCARPE it is !!

As a Mr. Hare shoe collection, RADIO SCARPE is our lightest and brightest yet. I wanted to make super comfortable summer shoes from very soft natural feel leathers that would keep feet comfortable in the blazing hot sunshine. The problem was those leathers usually look very veggie like, a bit rustic, even wholemeal. But as I was transmitting live on RADIO SCARPE !! I wanted super bright lively colours and metallics. Super Silvers, Cosmic Cobalts, Alien Greens and Infinite Turquoises.

I found what I was looking for in the form of laminated grainy calf; cashmere split goatskins, soft box and deep vegetopoli skins. These genius Santa Croce leather creations gave me the intergalactic colours and finishes I was looking for with a level of comfort even Mr. Hare has never reached before.

RADIO SCARPE has also emitted three new high summer styles. The CHE is our new classic summer casual loafer with a soft fold down back of contrast silver. The ARNO is the softest unlined split skin espadrille, which is light enough to keep you elegant even in the most sweltering heat wave. And finally the SANDAL is a manly leather strap sandal with a hard leather sole and EVA sprung heel insert. Stores have been allowed to custom configure the colour combinations on their SANDAL orders.

The rest of our Mr. Hare Summer Classics including MILLER, BERNARD, MAILER, KING TUBBY, THELONIUS, SERGIO, VONNEGUT and VONNEGUT HI have all been zapped with RADIO SCARPE waves and don all the same new zinging colours and post modernist sole and heel constructions. To quote Jonathan Richman “I’m in love with the modern world - I’ve got my radio on” !!

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