A/W12 Collection - At Large

 At Large AW12

Autumn/Winter 2012

While some people may covet an honour or title to be bestowed upon them in recognition for their services to…I personally have always been intrigued by the simple appendage of an “At Large” after my name. What does it even mean?

Firstly it’s an Idiom. * Secondly it is usually followed by the words ‘to do as he pleases”. It basically denotes a state of freedom or a state where one is constantly receptive to pleasure. I am not sure the Queen has an honour to cover that.

So…At Large, as a shoe collection? In my mind the capital city of At Large would have to be night time Soho in London. If you have not been there, just imagine the epicentre of night time action in your town and improvise. At Large in Soho will invariably take in princes and paupers, romancers and walkers, life changing truths and colossal porkers. You need shoes that are acceptable from the swankiest clubs to the grimiest pubs, stealth shoes with the charisma to hold court, but sturdy enough to fight your way out should your At Largess inflame the regulars.

To this end I have mainly used sturdy high shine calf leather that has a very smart appearance and won’t be troubled by a splash of beer or incoming clumsy dancers. Rubber soles of all descriptions ensure our wearer at large maintains an upright demeanour whether descending or ascending from street level. The colour palette is richly understated using black, dark grey, toffee, plum and British racing green.

The At Large collection is based around a new last called Rico. Shorter in length than previous Mr. Hare lasts with a rounded point toe, it is less elegant but no less handsome. There are six new styles, which take their names from six of Soho’s greatest proponents of the At Large statute. Bernard is a classic Derby. Bacon is a bebop monk strap. Cooke is a mocc toed derby boot. Deakin is a ghillie inspired creation of my own hand. Freud is a brogued cads boot with a vintage military grain while Wilde is a loafer Oscar may even have been seduced by himself.

Mr. Hare. At Large. If not the catalyst for an honour at some point then certainly my epitaph of choice.

*Google it. I am trying to get all the main facts on one side of A4.

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