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There are many theories as to the genesis of Valentine’s Day, but let’s skip to the practical. All I know is it is an official ‘Give Loving’ day, which is all I need to know. It is also the the first major gift giving day after the first payday after Christmas and nothing says I love you like splurging in the name of romance during hard times. Most conspiracy theorists would call that a capitalist conspiracy to keep dipping in yo’ funds, but most conspiracy theorists don’t have girlfriends or boyfriends to enjoy Valentines Day with,

#justsayin !!

For those of you, for whom there is that special someone, I bring you Mr. Hare’s Valentines Emporium, the key to more amour.


Be she a he, or be he a she, we, and AP got everything you need. That’s right, we have teamed up with the wonderful Agent Provocateur to give you our personal selection of the gifts that will fire up the love, this coming Valentines.

First up, her of course.


Make Love Not Dinner, is Agent Provocateur’s message for Valentine’s Day and I can get with that.

This set is called Gloria.


This is Gretel.

Petunia 2

This is Petunia.

Janet 2

This is Janet.


This is Tina.


This is Peggy.


and finally, Marnee.

Of course Valentine’s Day is unofficially also pink bubbles day, so may I suggest the delightfully English Nyetimber Sparkling Rosé.

Rosé_2009_White Background

Find it here

Now that you can rest assured you have really outdone yourself, here is the clever bit.

Active links to some rather nice little things you might like yourself, which are easily shared nonchalantly, via social media and the like. All these wonderful man details are available from, you’ve guessed it,

Mr. Hare’s Valentine’s Emporium !!


The Mr. Hareficianados amongst you will have noticed that these are new Genets, never seen before. That’s our way of dropping a worldwide exclusive SS14 style and SS14 campaign image, nonchalantly for Valentine’s Day. These rather stunning Mr. Hare Genet II loafers with the hand woven Nappa fore have only just become eligible at Mr. Hare.


Likewise, these black vegetale calf leather Millers in black. If she truly loves you now, wait until she sees you in these. A man in a classic five hole black oxford is a sorted man. A man whose attention is free (to concentrate on Valentine’s Day and Love Making).


This wonderful wool scarf from Marwood will undoubtedly be contested in any separation settlement, should that loving feeling be lost but what a wonderful thing to share whilst in the throes of love.


These beautiful ‘Nelson‘ Cufflinks from Alice Made This, opulently knotted from black cord with a solid brass shank really are quite the thing. If the little details are important in sexual attraction then these are the biggest little details around.


A man who can tie his own bow tie is obviously good with his hands.

This stunning ‘Deco‘ Bow tie from Augustus Hare is made from English silk woven in Suffolk.

On that South Anglian semi passion killer, we end this valentine’s message with a little instructional film I made back in 2010. It’s a tale of romance and shoes, which will surely get you in the mood.

(you may want to pause Mary J and Meth’ while you watch it).

#missapheartsmrhare #makelovenotdinner

Good Luck and Good Loving !!