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    Our Man Gilles

    By SelinaMakin

    Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 15.09.17


    Check out this awesome video on the music master, Gilles Peterson.


    So far this summer I have mostly been listening to…

    By SelinaMakin











    Samadhi EP











    Mr. Hare Wesside !!

    By SelinaMakin

    Mr. Hare No. 2 is open on the Wesside !!


    178a Westbourne Grove

    Notting Hill


    W11 2RH

    Tel : 00 44 (0) 20 7033 3650

    So, true to Mr. Hare house style, we threw a little big party…

    Mr. Hare Notting Hill 2

     This stunning piece of artwork on the invite was created for Mr. Hare by the incredibly talented Ms. Linzie Elliott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5322

    I’m Jamaican, It’s Jamaican, it wouldn’t be a party without the Appleton Estate V/X

    Mr Hare Party x2-5012

    Ms. Emma Kamen and Ms. Dinny Hall

    Mr Hare Party x2-5252

    Ms. Bip Ling

    Mr Hare Party x2-5017

    Mrs. Polly ‘King’ Bettencourt and Ms. Silver Bramham

    Mr Hare Party x2-5022

    Our Charismatic Font Man and Graphic Designer, Mr. Julian Morey

    Mr Hare Party x2-5048

    Mr. Adam (Orlebar) Brown. Thanks for the shop Bro !!

    Mr Hare Party x2-5056

    NHG Royalty, Ms. Laura Bailey

    Mr Hare Party x2-5059

    We are not worthy !!

    Ms. Shaniqua Jarvis, Ms. Kate ‘Brinders’ Brindley and Ms. Sophie Pate (The Liberty Belles)

    Mr Hare Party x2-5061

    Mr. Chai Clarkson and Ms. Arabella Ballantyne

    Mr Hare Party x2-5078

    Mr. Lee Gray and Mr.Rob Nowill repping our new neighbours

    Mr Hare Party x2-5082

    Graphic Dream Team – Mr. Julian Morey and Ms. Linzie Elliot

    Mr Hare Party x2-5084

    As always, Pro Catering by Arnold & Henderson

    Mr Hare Party x2-5085

    Suit maker extraordinaire, Mr. Phillip Start and Online Marketing Guru, Mr. Martin Bartle

    Mr Hare Party x2-5090

    Our new Shop star, Mr. Nathaniel Williams

    Marc Hare, Brix Smith Start

    Mrs. Angela Radcliffe and Mrs Brix Smith-Start

    Mr Hare Party x2-5108

    Mr. Anthony ‘Tony Eisner’ Easton (Congratulations on the Best Director of a Short Film at the Madrid Film Festival btw.)

    Mr Hare Party x2-5118

    Mr. Simon ‘Yo’ Woodruff

    Mr Hare Party x2-5123

    Mr. Jeremy Morris and Mr. Martin Bartle

    Mr Hare Party x2-5125

    Mrs. Nelli Turner of Lali Shop

    Mr Hare Party x2-5127

    Mrs. Erin Morris

    Mr Hare Party x2-5338

    Sister Crew dem. Don’t mess !!

    Ms. Somora Rattray Hare, Ms. Ashanti Ivy and Ms. Sarah Bullman

    Mr Hare Party x2-5392

    Storming Darkies !! Courtesy of Appleton Estate

    Mr Hare Party x2-5154

    Mr. Simon Heah and Mr. Yu Masui

    Mr Hare Party x2-5162

    Mr. Baku himself, Mr. Daniel Jenkins  and Bordeaux Garçon Fermier, Monsieur Aurelien ‘Chantilly’ Mangin

    Mr Hare Party x2-5166

    Mr. Mohsin Ali

    Mr Hare Party x2-5174

    Mr and Mrs Kore and Bernadette Antonsen

    Mr Hare Party x2-5185

    Mr. Julien MacDonald

    Mr Hare Party x2-5189

    Mrs. Maya Turnbull and Mrs. Erin Morris

    Mr Hare Party x2-5200

    Mr.Matthew Donaldson and Ms. Aurelia Donaldson and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5205

    Mr. Geoff ‘The Wall’ Travis. Rough Trade Records Founder and best Sunday Football central defender I ever shared a pitch with.

    Mr Hare Party x2-5210

    Mr. Bode Beezer and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5214

    Ms. Veronica Kadi and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5292

    Mr. Michael King and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5025

    Ms. Charmaine Hashmi, Mr. Ian Sled and Ms. Anna Hagen

    Mr Hare Party x2-5224

    Ms. Anna Curtis and Nona (18 with a bullet, enjoying her first ever legal cocktail. Happy Birthday Nona !!)

    Mr Hare Party x2-5242

    My Hero, Mr. Harris Elliott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5256

    Ling² !!  Ms. Evangeline Ling  and Ms.Bip Ling

    Mr Hare Party x2-5261

    Fashion Game Supremo, Ms. Susanne Tide Frater

    Mr Hare Party x2-5265

    Monsieur Louis-Charles (Girls, he makes candles too)

    Mr Hare Party-5313

    Ms. Lenah Lang and Ms. Bwalya Newton

    Mr Hare Party x2-5280

    Rudeboys dem, Mr. Andrew Ibi and Mr. Harris Elliott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5283


    Mr Hare Party x2-5290


    Mr Hare Party x2-5295

    Local girl done real good, Ms. Abena Lopez

    Mr Hare Party x2-5324

    D-Man on the mix !!

    Mr Hare Party x2-5302

    Wesside Royalty, Ms. Kate ‘Lemmy’ Spicer

    Mr Hare Party x2-5316

    Mr. Toby Anderson, Ms. Lola and Ms.  Venetia Scott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5320

    YoYo…Mr. Seb Chew

    Mr Hare Party x2-5326

    Mr Hare Party x2-5334

    Mr. Shaka Maidoh

    Mr Hare Party x2-5345

    Ms. Deborah Brand and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5347

    Ms. Kay Montano and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5350

    Art Comes First and their less good-looking or stylish cousin.

    Mr Hare Party x2-5356

    Les Homm(i)es des Paris

    Mr Hare Party x2-5371

    Ms. ‘AP’ Celeste

    Mr Hare Party x2-5046

    Mr. Jonathan Amos and Ms. Sam Fogden

    Mr Hare Party x2-5091

    Mr. James Hayes and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5361

    Mr and Mrs Xens. The people who feed me when Mum is busy.

    Mr Hare Party x2-5385

    Mr. Theo White ‘Wine’

    Mr Hare Party x2-5381

    … Mr. Robert ‘Brooksy” Brooks and Paul Gladstone Reid

    Mr Hare Party x2-5028

    Ms. Sheila ‘Moms’ Hare and Mr Dale Newton

    Mr Hare Party x2-5304

    Road Block !!

    Thank you to everyone who came down on the night and for those who missed it we still have some Appleton V/X left.

    See you soon.


    It’s Summer On The Internet

    By SelinaMakin


    A melange of old, new, fast, slow, funk grooves and hip hop bops… Get it, get it !!

    Ms. Makin


    Last week of LaChapelle

    By SelinaMakin





    Robilant + Voena

    38 Dover Street


    W1S 4NL

    (Approx 75 steps from Mr. Hare Mayfair)

    Ends June 18th

    Ms. Makin