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    Back to Work…it !!

    By SelinaMakin


    Now August is officially over, it is back to work time. The tan may remain and the instagram feed will certainly be proof that good times were had but the reality right now is that the second half of 2014 has just got underway and it’s all to play for. Historically, I have always found that the best way to keep that spring in my step, is to put my feet in some new steppers, so fortunately, I have a whole new AW14 collection of handsome black shoes, specifically designed for those of us who mean business in the shoe department. Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.48.26

    I can honestly say that our new AW14 collection contains the best shoes Mr. Hare has ever made. We have upgraded the leathers, we have re modeled the lasts and we have improved all the constructions and finishing. On top of that we have defined a blacker more contemporary house style which truly sets Mr. Hare shoes apart from all other shoes.

    Allow me to introduce…Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.29.03


    In the realms of business footwear, there is no smarter, chicer, handsomer formal shoe than a five hole, toe cap, black Oxford. The closed lacing placket sculpts the shoe close to the contours of your foot, giving the Oxford its unmistakably elegant shape. Now there are many black Oxfords available but as with everything we do at Mr. Hare we have contemporised ours with sweeping lines that accentuate the foots interesting proportions. You will notice the undulating dips and hips, the folded seams and the perfectly proportioned toe box. If you are going to the trouble of wearing particularly sharp modern tailoring then you should go to the trouble of teaming it with sharp modern shoes. These are those.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.29.49


    A stylistic alternative to the five hole Oxford is the clean look of a Monk Strap. Where the double Monk Strap can look utilitarian and bulky, the single Monk Strap is the E-Type of the swish, buckling formal shoe world. It is a very close fit which will not work for everyone, especially if you have particularly high arches (I am working on a more roomier quattroporte monk strap for you guys as we speak), but if it works, you are rolling in possibly the handsomest shoe we have ever made.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.30.24


    A black Derby is the most universal formal shoe there is. Oxfords tend to favour slender footed wearers. A high arch or a wide foot will distort the distinctive elegant shape of a close fitting Oxford in much the same way that a broad chest and thick set shoulders will diminish the appeal of a slim fitting one button single breasted jacket. The Derby on the other hand, with its side attached, wide opening lace placket will accommodate a greater variety of foot volumes and retain an elegant profile. This is the most important distinction to be aware of when looking for the right formal shoe. The Mr. Hare Blakey is a very clean shoe with only the Mr. Hare ‘Donnie Dark One’ toe brogue pattern for embellishment. When choosing shoes to indicate you are a serious person, it is important to remember that Smart is Flashy, but Flashy is not Smart.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.30.52


    Our fourth and final style in the executive AW14 collection is the Dizzy Wingtip. Now the Wingtip is an example of structural shoe engineering which is yet to be excelled. How do you construct a perfectly sculpted toe which will retain its shape yet remain light and comfortable throughout the duration of its life? The winged tip is not merely a decorative detail, it is the frame that retains the toe’s shape. That’s why a good wingtip is as solid as bridge built by Brunel. The Mr. Hare Dizzy is a thoroughly modernist affair with striking clean lines devoid of stuffy nostalgia. Again, you will find many wingtips on the market, but few will be taken as seriously as a sharp modern Mr. Hare one.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.31.24


    Some of us are not 9 to 5 desk Jockeys shaping the world from carpeted environs with Ad Lee accounts. Some of us have to get up and get amongst it on the reg reg. If the greater proportion of your working life is spent on your feet then you won’t find a more comfortable and robust pair of smart shoes than a Mr. Hare Bernard Derby (Well maybe a Mr. Hare Bacon or Deacon or Baldwin or Toussaint, but more on those later). While I make many shoes for many occasions, the Bernard is probably the formal shoe I get the most use out of. I live in London, where the streets are thoroughly walkable, but mean and it rains a lot of the time. The Bernard is a no nonsense utilitarian Derby shoe with a thick leather commando sole and made from sumptuous calf leather that holds a shine like chrome does. A lot of shoes of this calibre are purposely made chunky so as to make them universally appealing. Now Mr. Hare is company that prides itself on the elegant refined sculpting of its products so even our most utilitarian execution of a shoe is more elegant than bothersome. Go try one on and see what I mean.


    Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.47.57

    Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.31.47


    The Mr. Hare Douglas Long Wing Derby. If you have been concentrating throughout this blogpost you will by now be aware of the structural and aesthetical advantages of wing styling. You will be aware of the universal fit benefits of a Derby shoe and you will know that all Mr. Hare shoes veer on the elegant handsome side even when they are made to stomp. What we haven’t properly touched upon is just how much of an influence London has on the output of Mr. Hare. I was born and bred here. The post 1970 history of London is my history. Young Boy, Rude Boy, B-Boy, Club Boy, No longer a boy, Man, Shoemaker and now Mr Hare. If I had to roll all that I have learnt, through all that time, into one shoe, this is it.

    I hope this little tour of our new styles has been helpful. I also hope that it has re-ignited a little of that holiday feel good, the stark reality of going back to work may have diminished. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly at

    Or visit or pop into one of our stores either Mayfair or our sparkly new store in Notting Hill !!


    Mr. Hare is on vacation !!

    By SelinaMakin


    Come in for a swim


    Our Man Gilles

    By SelinaMakin

    Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 15.09.17


    Check out this awesome video on the music master, Gilles Peterson.


    So far this summer I have mostly been listening to…

    By SelinaMakin











    Samadhi EP











    Mr. Hare Wesside !!

    By SelinaMakin

    Mr. Hare No. 2 is open on the Wesside !!


    178a Westbourne Grove

    Notting Hill


    W11 2RH

    Tel : 00 44 (0) 20 7033 3650

    So, true to Mr. Hare house style, we threw a little big party…

    Mr. Hare Notting Hill 2

     This stunning piece of artwork on the invite was created for Mr. Hare by the incredibly talented Ms. Linzie Elliott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5322

    I’m Jamaican, It’s Jamaican, it wouldn’t be a party without the Appleton Estate V/X

    Mr Hare Party x2-5012

    Ms. Emma Kamen and Ms. Dinny Hall

    Mr Hare Party x2-5252

    Ms. Bip Ling

    Mr Hare Party x2-5017

    Mrs. Polly ‘King’ Bettencourt and Ms. Silver Bramham

    Mr Hare Party x2-5022

    Our Charismatic Font Man and Graphic Designer, Mr. Julian Morey

    Mr Hare Party x2-5048

    Mr. Adam (Orlebar) Brown. Thanks for the shop Bro !!

    Mr Hare Party x2-5056

    NHG Royalty, Ms. Laura Bailey

    Mr Hare Party x2-5059

    We are not worthy !!

    Ms. Shaniqua Jarvis, Ms. Kate ‘Brinders’ Brindley and Ms. Sophie Pate (The Liberty Belles)

    Mr Hare Party x2-5061

    Mr. Chai Clarkson and Ms. Arabella Ballantyne

    Mr Hare Party x2-5078

    Mr. Lee Gray and Mr.Rob Nowill repping our new neighbours

    Mr Hare Party x2-5082

    Graphic Dream Team – Mr. Julian Morey and Ms. Linzie Elliot

    Mr Hare Party x2-5084

    As always, Pro Catering by Arnold & Henderson

    Mr Hare Party x2-5085

    Suit maker extraordinaire, Mr. Phillip Start and Online Marketing Guru, Mr. Martin Bartle

    Mr Hare Party x2-5090

    Our new Shop star, Mr. Nathaniel Williams

    Marc Hare, Brix Smith Start

    Mrs. Angela Radcliffe and Mrs Brix Smith-Start

    Mr Hare Party x2-5108

    Mr. Anthony ‘Tony Eisner’ Easton (Congratulations on the Best Director of a Short Film at the Madrid Film Festival btw.)

    Mr Hare Party x2-5118

    Mr. Simon ‘Yo’ Woodruff

    Mr Hare Party x2-5123

    Mr. Jeremy Morris and Mr. Martin Bartle

    Mr Hare Party x2-5125

    Mrs. Nelli Turner of Lali Shop

    Mr Hare Party x2-5127

    Mrs. Erin Morris

    Mr Hare Party x2-5338

    Sister Crew dem. Don’t mess !!

    Ms. Somora Rattray Hare, Ms. Ashanti Ivy and Ms. Sarah Bullman

    Mr Hare Party x2-5392

    Storming Darkies !! Courtesy of Appleton Estate

    Mr Hare Party x2-5154

    Mr. Simon Heah and Mr. Yu Masui

    Mr Hare Party x2-5162

    Mr. Baku himself, Mr. Daniel Jenkins  and Bordeaux Garçon Fermier, Monsieur Aurelien ‘Chantilly’ Mangin

    Mr Hare Party x2-5166

    Mr. Mohsin Ali

    Mr Hare Party x2-5174

    Mr and Mrs Kore and Bernadette Antonsen

    Mr Hare Party x2-5185

    Mr. Julien MacDonald

    Mr Hare Party x2-5189

    Mrs. Maya Turnbull and Mrs. Erin Morris

    Mr Hare Party x2-5200

    Mr.Matthew Donaldson and Ms. Aurelia Donaldson and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5205

    Mr. Geoff ‘The Wall’ Travis. Rough Trade Records Founder and best Sunday Football central defender I ever shared a pitch with.

    Mr Hare Party x2-5210

    Mr. Bode Beezer and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5214

    Ms. Veronica Kadi and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5292

    Mr. Michael King and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5025

    Ms. Charmaine Hashmi, Mr. Ian Sled and Ms. Anna Hagen

    Mr Hare Party x2-5224

    Ms. Anna Curtis and Nona (18 with a bullet, enjoying her first ever legal cocktail. Happy Birthday Nona !!)

    Mr Hare Party x2-5242

    My Hero, Mr. Harris Elliott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5256

    Ling² !!  Ms. Evangeline Ling  and Ms.Bip Ling

    Mr Hare Party x2-5261

    Fashion Game Supremo, Ms. Susanne Tide Frater

    Mr Hare Party x2-5265

    Monsieur Louis-Charles (Girls, he makes candles too)

    Mr Hare Party-5313

    Ms. Lenah Lang and Ms. Bwalya Newton

    Mr Hare Party x2-5280

    Rudeboys dem, Mr. Andrew Ibi and Mr. Harris Elliott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5283


    Mr Hare Party x2-5290


    Mr Hare Party x2-5295

    Local girl done real good, Ms. Abena Lopez

    Mr Hare Party x2-5324

    D-Man on the mix !!

    Mr Hare Party x2-5302

    Wesside Royalty, Ms. Kate ‘Lemmy’ Spicer

    Mr Hare Party x2-5316

    Mr. Toby Anderson, Ms. Lola and Ms.  Venetia Scott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5320

    YoYo…Mr. Seb Chew

    Mr Hare Party x2-5326

    Mr Hare Party x2-5334

    Mr. Shaka Maidoh

    Mr Hare Party x2-5345

    Ms. Deborah Brand and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5347

    Ms. Kay Montano and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5350

    Art Comes First and their less good-looking or stylish cousin.

    Mr Hare Party x2-5356

    Les Homm(i)es des Paris

    Mr Hare Party x2-5371

    Ms. ‘AP’ Celeste

    Mr Hare Party x2-5046

    Mr. Jonathan Amos and Ms. Sam Fogden

    Mr Hare Party x2-5091

    Mr. James Hayes and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5361

    Mr and Mrs Xens. The people who feed me when Mum is busy.

    Mr Hare Party x2-5385

    Mr. Theo White ‘Wine’

    Mr Hare Party x2-5381

    … Mr. Robert ‘Brooksy” Brooks and Paul Gladstone Reid

    Mr Hare Party x2-5028

    Ms. Sheila ‘Moms’ Hare and Mr Dale Newton

    Mr Hare Party x2-5304

    Road Block !!

    Thank you to everyone who came down on the night and for those who missed it we still have some Appleton V/X left.

    See you soon.