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    #BEENTRILL x Mr. Hare !!

    By SelinaMakin

    IT’S HERE !!

    As you know, I make contemporary shoes that I intend to stand the test of time. You buy a Mr. Hare shoe, you look after that shoe and in ten years time you will still rock that shoe. In 2014 we launched our stone cold classic sneaker line made up of the Jack Johnson high top, The Cunningham low tops and the Llewelyn skate shoe. Three shoes I know I will want to rock forever.

    Last summer, it also happens that I was approached by Harvey Nichols to get involved in a collaboration project involving the Ubiquitous #BEENTRILL# collective who in 2014 along with Hood By Air and Virgil Abloh of Off White, were the defining arbotors of underground street style due to their extensive music, style media and artist collaborations. The project required myself and some of my favourite contemporaries of the London scene including Shaun Samson, Gareth Pugh, Adrian Sauvage, Hardy Amies, Kim Jones and Linda Farrow, creating collaborative pieces with Matthew Williams, the head Honcho at #BEENTRILL#.



    What better way to mark in time, the era in which my sneakers dropped than with the most contemporary mark of that time?

    Hence,  #BEENTRILL# x Harvey Nichols x Mr. Hare, happened.

     BT JJ _02 lres v1

    Jack Johnson #BEENTRILL# EditionBT CUNN _03 lres v1

    Cunningham #BEENTRILL# Edition

    BT LEW _01 LRES lres v1Llewelyn #BEENTRILL# Edition

    BT JJ _03 lres v1

    The Mr. Hare #BEENTRILL# sneaker pack is a limited run of the Black Jack Johnson High Tops, Cunningham Low Tops and Llewelyn skate shoes made from fine Italian calf leather and shiny patent leather with the #BEENTRILL# logos applied by silicone injection moulding. Mr. Hare sneakers are massively influenced by the need to floss, laid down by the early Hip Hop pioneers of New York so to team up with these guys from Canal Street was a treat. Mr. Hare is known for its super high quality, elegant, understated Italian produced footwear, working with #BEENTRILL# was a completely new challenge, but the results are FRESH !!


    The Legend of Black Santa

    By SelinaMakin



    Mr. Hare & Blackmale Beats


    1. Santa’s Got A Bag Of Soul – Soul Saints Orchestra
    2. Santa’s Revolution – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) – (1:55)
    3. The Real Impostor. Feat Uncle Ruckus – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) – (3:08)
    4. Soul Santa – Funk Machine – (4:28)
    5. The Legend Of Black Santa – By Deborah Asante for Blackmale Beats – (5:41)
    6. Kids In Bethlehem – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) – (7:31)
    7. Black Christmas – The Harlem Children’s Chorus – (9:31)
    8. Please Come Home For Christmas – James Brown – (11:58)
    9. We3King$ – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) – (15:11)
    10. 25th Of The Last December – Roberta Flack – (16:27)
    11. Dear Santa Jamaica
    12. Dear Santa Nigeria
    13. Love In The Snow – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) – (22:26)
    14. Home Alone Skit ‘Re Jigged’ -  (24:12)
    15. Christmas Time – Ray Charles – (26:03)
    16. Do You Celebrate (They Ask I Tell) Feat. Aqua, Lukman, Saffron & Shem (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) – (28:13)
    17. Lukman & Aunty Carol Skit
    18. Get Some – The Winner Wee Willie – (31:00)
    19. Kwanzaa (Skit) – (31:37)
    20. I Want You To Come Home For Christmas – Marvin Gaye – (33:22)
    21. I Still Want More – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) – (35:56)
    22. Santa Is A Blackman – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) – (37:39)

    Big Thank You To The Twins, Deborah Asante & Everyone That Contributed To This Mix!


    Jesus !! The Black Messiah has Risen

    By SelinaMakin


    Whatever else was going on in my life when the last two D’Angelo LPs came out, both of those albums made my life a lot better.

    1995 Brown Sugar

    2000 Voodoo

    It has been 14 years since ‘Voodoo’ which I played a couple of weeks ago and it still sounds like luxury. I have listened to ‘Black Messiah three times this morning already and I can confirm it is better than all the last 14 Christmases rolled into one. But don’t take my word for it…

    Get it !!





    Tulse Hill Boys Rules !!

    By SelinaMakin

    If I was going to make a mix tape about my school days in South London, I am not sure I could have done it better than this !!

    If you don’t already know BlackMale Beats, Get to know !!


    The Love ‘Trane

    By SelinaMakin


    Jump on !!