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    Mr. Hare Wesside !!

    By SelinaMakin

    Mr. Hare No. 2 is open on the Wesside !!


    178a Westbourne Grove

    Notting Hill


    W11 2RH

    Tel : 00 44 (0) 20 7033 3650

    So, true to Mr. Hare house style, we threw a little big party…

    Mr. Hare Notting Hill 2

     This stunning piece of artwork on the invite was created for Mr. Hare by the incredibly talented Ms. Linzie Elliot

    Mr Hare Party x2-5322

    I’m Jamaican, It’s Jamaican, it wouldn’t be a party without the Appleton Estate V/X

    Mr Hare Party x2-5012

    Ms. Emma Kamen and Ms. Dinny Hall

    Mr Hare Party x2-5252

    Ms. Bip Ling

    Mr Hare Party x2-5017

    Mrs. Polly ‘King’ Bettencourt and Ms. Silver Bramham

    Mr Hare Party x2-5022

    Our Charismatic Font Man and Graphic Designer, Mr. Julian Morey

    Mr Hare Party x2-5048

    Mr. Adam (Orlebar) Brown. Thanks for the shop Bro !!

    Mr Hare Party x2-5056

    NHG Royalty, Ms. Laura Bailey

    Mr Hare Party x2-5059

    We are not worthy !!

    Ms. Shaniqua Jarvis, Ms. Kate ‘Brinders’ Brindley and Ms. Sophie Pate (The Liberty Belles)

    Mr Hare Party x2-5061

    Mr. Chai Clarkson and Ms. Arabella Ballantyne

    Mr Hare Party x2-5078

    Mr. Lee Gray and Mr.Rob Nowill repping our new neighbours

    Mr Hare Party x2-5082

    Graphic Dream Team – Mr. Julian Morey and Ms. Linzie Elliot

    Mr Hare Party x2-5084

    As always, Pro Catering by Arnold & Henderson

    Mr Hare Party x2-5085

    Suit maker extraordinaire, Mr. Phillip Start and Online Marketing Guru, Mr. Martin Bartle

    Mr Hare Party x2-5090

    Our new Shop star, Mr. Nathaniel Williams

    Marc Hare, Brix Smith Start

    Mrs. Angela Radcliffe and Mrs Brix Smith-Start

    Mr Hare Party x2-5108

    Mr. Anthony ‘Tony Eisner’ Easton (Congratulations on the Best Director of a Short Film at the Madrid Film Festival btw.)

    Mr Hare Party x2-5118

    Mr. Simon ‘Yo’ Woodruff

    Mr Hare Party x2-5123

    Mr. Jeremy Morris and Mr. Martin Bartle

    Mr Hare Party x2-5125

    Mrs. Nelli Turner of Lali Shop

    Mr Hare Party x2-5127

    Mrs. Erin Morris

    Mr Hare Party x2-5338

    Sister Crew dem. Don’t mess !!

    Ms. Somora Rattray Hare, Ms. Ashanti Ivy and Ms. Sarah Bullman

    Mr Hare Party x2-5392

    Storming Darkies !! Courtesy of Appleton Estate

    Mr Hare Party x2-5154

    Mr. Simon Heah and Mr. Yu Masui

    Mr Hare Party x2-5162

    Mr. Baku himself, Mr. Daniel Jenkins  and Bordeaux Garçon Fermier, Monsieur Aurelien ‘Chantilly’ Mangin

    Mr Hare Party x2-5166

    Mr. Mohsin Ali

    Mr Hare Party x2-5174

    Mr and Mrs Kore and Bernadette Antonsen

    Mr Hare Party x2-5185

    Mr. Julien MacDonald

    Mr Hare Party x2-5189

    Mrs. Maya Turnbull and Mrs. Erin Morris

    Mr Hare Party x2-5200

    Mr.Matthew Donaldson and Ms. Aurelia Donaldson and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5205

    Mr. Geoff ‘The Wall’ Travis. Rough Trade Records Founder and best Sunday Football central defender I ever shared a pitch with.

    Mr Hare Party x2-5210

    Mr. Bode Beezer and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5214

    Ms. Veronica Kadi and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5292

    Mr. Michael King and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5025

    Ms. Charmaine Hashmi, Mr. Ian Sled and Ms. Anna Hagen

    Mr Hare Party x2-5224

    Ms. Anna Curtis and Nona (18 with a bullet, enjoying her first ever legal cocktail. Happy Birthday Nona !!)

    Mr Hare Party x2-5242

    My Hero, Mr. Harris Elliott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5256

    Ling² !!  Ms. Evangeline Ling  and Ms.Bip Ling

    Mr Hare Party x2-5261

    Fashion Game Supremo, Ms. Susanne Tide Frater

    Mr Hare Party x2-5265

    Monsieur Louis-Charles (Girls, he makes candles too)

    Mr Hare Party-5313

    Ms. Lenah Lang and Ms. Bwalya Newton

    Mr Hare Party x2-5280

    Rudeboys dem, Mr. Andrew Ibi and Mr. Harris Elliott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5283


    Mr Hare Party x2-5290


    Mr Hare Party x2-5295

    Local girl done real good, Ms. Abena Lopez

    Mr Hare Party x2-5324

    D-Man on the mix !!

    Mr Hare Party x2-5302

    Wesside Royalty, Ms. Kate ‘Lemmy’ Spicer

    Mr Hare Party x2-5316

    Mr. Toby Anderson, Ms. Lola and Ms.  Venetia Scott

    Mr Hare Party x2-5320

    YoYo…Mr. Seb Chew

    Mr Hare Party x2-5326

    Mr Hare Party x2-5334

    Mr. Shaka Maidoh

    Mr Hare Party x2-5345

    Ms. Deborah Brand and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5347

    Ms. Kay Montano and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5350

    Art Comes First and their less good-looking or stylish cousin.

    Mr Hare Party x2-5356

    Les Homm(i)es des Paris

    Mr Hare Party x2-5371

    Ms. ‘AP’ Celeste

    Mr Hare Party x2-5046

    Mr. Jonathan Amos and Ms. Sam Fogden

    Mr Hare Party x2-5091

    Mr. James Hayes and Friend

    Mr Hare Party x2-5361

    Mr and Mrs Xens. The people who feed me when Mum is busy.

    Mr Hare Party x2-5385

    Mr. Theo White ‘Wine’

    Mr Hare Party x2-5381

    … Mr. Robert ‘Brooksy” Brooks and Paul Gladstone Reid

    Mr Hare Party x2-5028

    Ms. Sheila ‘Moms’ Hare and Mr Dale Newton

    Mr Hare Party x2-5304

    Road Block !!

    Thank you to everyone who came down on the night and for those who missed it we still have some Appleton V/X left.

    See you soon.


    It’s Summer On The Internet

    By SelinaMakin


    A melange of old, new, fast, slow, funk grooves and hip hop bops… Get it, get it !!

    Ms. Makin


    Last week of LaChapelle

    By SelinaMakin





    Robilant + Voena

    38 Dover Street


    W1S 4NL

    (Approx 75 steps from Mr. Hare Mayfair)

    Ends June 18th

    Ms. Makin


    All you Rude Boys and all you Rude Girls…

    By SelinaMakin

    In 1980 when I was 10, the idea of the Rudeboy seemed to me to be the answer to everything. I had been force fed Reggae in my youth, so as with all things parents, it wasn’t my first choice. I lived on a council estate where the ancestors of modern day UKIP voters were in strong support of the National Front. Racist skinheads lived and walked confidently in my neighbourhood. Opposingly my Jamaican family where the living embodiment of the Rude boy ethos, uncles and aunts,  Jamaicans transplanted in South London, refusing to be brought down. I had seen ‘The Harder They Come‘ and ‘Rockers‘ and ‘Babylon‘ where socially oppressed youths had temporarily risen up on the back of a rudeboy stance, but eventually met only with injustice. So the sight of The Specials on Top of the Pops singing ‘Too Much Too Young‘ was a revelation. Out of all this bleakness, Blackness and Whiteness, Black and White Youths on TV singing together about life on my council estate in patois.


    The importance of the arrival of The Specials, walking and talking like Rude boys, just months after Margret Thatcher put the Tories in office, simply can’t be overstated. One elegant and eloquent voice against a system where a single generation was afforded the opportunity to cash out and buy their very own castle while those who missed the boat went from being ‘Have Nots’ to ‘Have Debts’. With few castles left to buy, the natives appear to be getting restless.

    If ever we needed the rudeboy again, it is right now.


    Return of the Rudeboy‘ is an exhibition at Somerset House which explores the history, stance and legacy of the Rudeboy.

    It may not re-boot the system, but sometimes all you need is a spark !!


    Futures Sounds of Africa !!

    By SelinaMakin


    The Future Sounds of Mzansi Mixtape from Spoek Mathambo !!